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About the Artist

Genevieve Clarke Photo.jpg

I am a self taught artist who, as a mother of six,  started painting, as a means to relax . 

Living in the Northwest Territories, Canada I have always inspired by the beauty and nature that daily surrounds me, from the wonderful natural displays in the sky to the delicate butterfly. 

All my work is done on denim as it represents acceptance and growth. Denim started out as tough material for workers clothing and has become  acceptable material in all areas of fashion. The paintings are also all done in the round. This allows the denim to have a presence in the finished product.   

Beading fashion history and its uses as a cultural form of art has always intrigued me.  Margot Nazon's beaded depictions on space inspired me to think of the possibilities of beaded art not being limited to the fashion industry. 

So when venturing out into multimedium painting beading seamed the natural fit. 

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